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Wine packaging as a (Father's Day) gift

What do you need?

  • instax mini 40 + instax mini Black Film
  • Brown packaging paper
  • Jute twine string
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Leaves of different shapes
  • Wine cork
  • 7 cm of iron wire
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • A bottle of wine of your choice


Step 1

Paint the leaves black with acrylic paint using a small paint brush and ‘stamp’ them on the brown paper. Leave to dry.


Step 2

Roll the wine in the stamped paper and close with tape. Make sure there is about 10 cm of paper free below and above the wine.


Step 3

Fold the bottom of the packaging by bringing the paper toward the middle and closing it with tape.


Step 4

Close the upper part like you would close a bag by folding it and securing it at the back with tape.


Step 5

Cut a 40 cm piece of a jute twine string and tie it on top of the wine leaving about 10 cm hanging on both sides (you will use it to hang the instant photo).


Step 6

Insert the instax mini Black film into the instax mini 40 camera and take a photo that you want to hang on the bottle (for Father’s Day, take a picture of the man that deserves to be spoiled with a good bottle of wine).


Step 7

Make an incision in the middle of the bottom of the wine cork and insert the instant photo in it.


Step 8

Insert the iron wire on the top of the wine cork and make a small loop using scissors.


Step 9

Put the wine cork with the instax photo on the jute twine string and tie it. Your gift is now ready!

DIY made by Marta Majewska.

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