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Washi tape with Elfi

Washi tape is awesome and the coolest thing about it... you can create it yourself. Choose your favourite colours and let's go! 

What do you need?

  • a white sheet of backing paper
  • markers
  • varnish glue (with or without glitters)
  • double-sided self-adhesive tape
  • optional: glitters, confetti,... to make it more personal


Stich some strips of double-sided tape on a sheet of backing paper. Turn around the sheet of backing paper and paint the strips in your favourite colours. Create as you please! I chose pastel colours and to create a nice print. To a couple of strips, I added confetti and some (holographic) glitters. 


To finish, add a layer of transparent varnish glue to create some extra shine. 


Collect colourful cards and inspiring quotes that will make you smile all the time. 


"If you don't have varnish at home, just use your transparent nail polish! Works like a charm too!"

"To me, being creative is a way to look at things differently. What I like most is to add glitters and colour to my world and instax photos." 

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