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Decorative tray with SQUARE SQ1

What do you need?

  • instax SQUARE SQ1
  • 1 white tray
  • dried flowers
  • 2 x Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • (regular glue)

Step 1

Take two instant photos with the instax SQUARE SQ1.

Step 2

Break the dried flowers into little pieces and distribute over the tray.

Step 3

Place the two photos on the tray (you can use a bit of regular glue on the back of the photos to make them stay in place).

Step 4

Squeeze the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic all over the bottom of your tray until covered.

Step 5

Let it dry for 24 hours. After this it's perfectly ready to store your keys or anything else!

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DIY made by Marta Majewska.

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